200 million in bitcoin locked

200 million in bitcoin locked

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Read more: Leaked memo shows rich, others have had trouble Cuban compared the "cryptos trade" forgotten their passwords, The Times tries left.

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He Stole $3.4 BILLION - But Made One Mistake
Currently, about $bn worth of Bitcoin is lost or left in wallets that cannot be accessed, according to cryptocurrency-data company. Stefan Thomas, a German-born programmer living in San Francisco, has two guesses left to figure out a password that is worth, as of this week, about $ million. The password will let him unlock a small hard drive, known as an IronKey, which contains the private keys to a digital wallet that holds 7, Bitcoin. In , programmer Stefan Thomas created an animated video titled "What Is Bitcoin" for a Bitcoin enthusiast in Switzerland. For his trouble.
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William Turton. Lily Hay Newman. Although you have to imagine, like because of this risk, maybe there are people that maybe don't invest in bitcoin because they're worried about this. If you use an IronKey hard drive, try to remember the password. A potential loss of that magnitude makes "you sort of question your own self-worth," he added.